Monday, June 1, 2015

Double Mountain Cluster Single-Hop IPA Gets A New Look

Courtesy of Double Mountain
Hood River, OR - June 1st, 2015 -A Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom seasonal favorite, the Cluster Single-Hop IPA returns in bottles for the third year with a fresh new label. This unique and versatile IPA is currently available on draft and by bottle at the Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom located in downtown Hood River. Cluster can be found throughout the Northwest, British Columbia, and Southern California in early June 2015.

Courtesy of Double Mountain Brewery
"We are excited about the rework of the Cluster label. The starry moonscape really stands out on the shelves." Head Brewmaster/owner Matt Swihart talks about this year's Cluster batch. "For a magical reason that remains a mystery to me, the farmer gods treated us to an excellent crop on the Clusters in 2014, so this year's beer is exceptional crisp, tasty and wonderfully balanced. This is my favorite year so far... but look out 2016." 
Single-Hop IPA
7.3% ABV, 85 BU

Description: The oft forgotten Cluster hop was the dominant hop in the US brewing industry for centuries.  With the Cluster, we’re bringing this beauty of a hop back into the limelight.  Clusters were added at every stage of the brewing process, allowing a good taste of the hop’s complexity and versatility.  A more delicate floral note at the top leads you deeper into a grove of pineapple and orange, and a dewy herbal character follows closely behind.  It glows like an early summer sunset, has a clean bitterness, and dried out nicely, 
making it highly drinkable.  ABV 7.3%, 85 BU

Courtesy of Double Mountain Brewery
About Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom: Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom was established in 2007 in the heart of downtown Hood River, OR. Founders Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereux opened the brewery with a clear mission: make great beer for craft beer fans. Double Mountain Brewery’s unique location lends to not only using pure and clean glacial water for their beers, but they also take advantage of regionally grown hops. Double Mountain Brewery and Taproom’s unfiltered and long-aged beers deliver maximum flavor and character. They can be found on tap and in bottles throughout the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. Learn more at:

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