Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Just posting up all my older pictures of breweries/pub/bars...hopefully I can remember each place that corresponds with the picture, all were taken with my Iphone 4, so some might not be the best quality pictures, pretty much just whats left on my Iphone for the last year all the way back to July 2011, I had other pictures but must have deleted them from the phone at some point.
#1 - Pike Brewing, July 2011, Hadn't been to the brewery/pub in many years, so took the family (wife and I pictured) in and had lunch. Had a taster tray and a pint of cask (Brewers Choice)...but can't remember what it was..
#2 - Laurelwood Brewing/Pub Battleground,Wa...Sometime in 2011.
#3 - Hopworks crosstown Pale. Hopworks, PDX
#4 - New stainless gowler from Hopworks
 #5 &  #6 - Hales Ales, Seattle for breakfast

#7 - Freemont Brewing, Seattle
#8 - Fat Tug ipa from Driftwood Brewery, Victoria B.C. - really good ipa.
#9 - Maritime Brewing, Seattle,WA

#10 - Hop Valley Brewing, Springfield, OR
#11 - Fish Brewing/Pub, Everett,Wa
#12 - Scuttlebutt Brewing, Everett,WA

#13 - MT Tabor, Vancouver,Wa (No tasters yet)
#14 - Fire On The Mountain Brew Pub in PDX.

#15 - Standing Stone Brewing, Ashland Or
#16 - Southern Oregon Brewing, Medford Or

#17 - Caldera Tap house Entrance, Ashland OR
#18 - Caldera Brewing taster tray
#19 - Falling Sky Brewing - Eugene,OR