Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2014 Washington Beer Open House.

Oregon had Zwickelmania last weekend.  Now it's Washington's turn for the Washington Beer Open House. This Saturday from 12pm to 5pm, participating breweries in Washington will have their doors open for tasting's, tours, and various other activities.  Over 70 breweries and brewpubs state wide have signed up. This would be a great chance to visit Mt Tabor Brewing and Loowit Brewing who are on the list of local breweries participating.

Washington Beer Open House Web Page
Washington Commision Website
Washington Beer Commision Twitter


Airways Brewing
American Brewing
Bainbridge Island Brewing
Bale Breaker Brewing
Black Raven Brewing
Boundary Bay Brewery
Brickyard Brewing
Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen
Der Blokken Brewery
Diamond Knot Brewery
& Alehouse
Diamond Knot Brewpub
Diamond Knot Camano Lodge
Diamond Knot Pizza House
Diamond Knot Production
Dick’s Brewing
Dirty Bucket Brewing
Elliott Bay Public House & Brewery
Elysian Brewery
Epic Ales
Foggy Noggin Brewing
Fremont Brewing
Geaux Brewing
Hale’s Ales Pub
Harmon Tap Room
Herbert B. Friendly Brewing
Hi-Fi Brewing
Hilliard’s Beer
Hopped Up Brewing
Icicle Brewing
Iron Goat Brewing
Iron Horse Brewery
Issaquah Brewhouse
Justice Brewing
Kulshan Brewing Co
Lazy Boy Brewing
Loowit Brewing
Machine House Brewery
Maritime Pacific Brewing
McMemanins Six Arms
McMenamins Mill Creek
McMenamins on the Columbia
Middleton Brewing
Mt. Tabor Brewing
No-Li Brewhouse
Northwest Peaks Brewery
Northwest Sausage & Deli
Odin Brewing
Orlison Brewing
Pike Brewing
Ramblin’ Road Brewery
Redhook Brewery 
Reuben’s Brews
River City Brewing
Rockfish Grill
& Anacortes Brewery
Rooftop Brewing
Rooftop Brewing
Schooner EXACT Brewing
Scuttlebutt Brewing
Seapine Brewing
Silver City Brewery
Slaughter County Brewing
Slippery Pig Brewery
Spinnaker Bay Brewing
Stoup Brewing
Tacoma Brewing
Tin Dog Brewing
Triplehorn Brewing
Twelve Bar Brews
Two Beers Brewing
Valholl Brewing
White Bluffs Brewing
Wingman Brewers
Yakima Craft Brewing


Bridgeport Brewing is celebrating 30 years of craft brewing in Oregon this year.

I have many fond memories of Bridgeport Brewing going back to the mid 1990's. More than 15 years ago Emily and I were newly married, recent college graduates in southern Oregon, with an already-serious craft beer hobby.  Whereas other students might go get crazy at Lake Shasta on Spring Break, we could be found touring Humboldt County breweries, for example. We got a lucky break to go work for a broadcasting company in Portland, so packed our meager collection of belongings and moved to the Lloyd District. Since we didn't yet have kids or much in the way of demands on our time outside of work, we were really able to get out and enjoy Portland. One primary area of enjoyment was the fledgling brewing industry.

Back then you had a smattering of breweries around Portland - not remotely like today where it seems like there's one on every corner. Bridgeport back then was on our weekly rotation of breweries where we could grab a pint and some good, cheap food - in this case amazing pizza by the slice. For years, you could find us at Bridgeport at least once a week enjoying what I believe is one of the best IPA's ever.  Times have changed; Emily and I have moved out of  Portland, had kids, and gotten away from broadcasting. Bridgeport has changed with the times and remodeled the old rope factory into a much cleaner and upscale environment, they have changed beer styles, they have re-branded. The experience today is much different, but the beer remains just as good as it ever was.

30 years in any business is an amazing achievement and 30 years in the fast-changing brewery business is a remarkable feat, to be sure. Bridgeport is an icon of the Pacific Northwest Brewing scene and an icon of my own earlier days enjoying local craft beer.  I say Happy Birthday to Bridgeport, and here's to 30 more!

To celebrate the 30-years-in-beer milestone, Bridgeport is releasing a special trilogy of beers. The first of the trilogy was released on January 23.  Called  Trilogy #1, this is a dry hopped pale ale featuring Crystal hops that clocks in at 5.2 abv and has 40 ibu's. Bridgeport was gracious enough to send me some samples of the beer.

Original pint glass that I picked up at Bridgeport at least 15 years ago

First off, the aroma from the Crystal hops hits as soon as you open the beer -it just smells amazing. On the first sip you get the crisp crystal hop, followed by some malt/biscuit flavor. It's a very balanced and smooth-drinking pale, not too bitter or overly hopped.  This beer could be enjoyed at any time, in any season. In fact, I think it would be a great, refreshing summer beer so  I plan to pick up a sixer or two and stash them away.  Since it's a limited release I'll need to stock up pretty soon.  Bridgeport Brewing will be releasing two more Trilogy Beers, one in May and one in September. It will be interesting to see what the next two Trilogy beers will be, but I bet they'll standouts too.

Bridgeport Website
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Bridgeport Trilogy Web Page