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Portland Fruit Beer Festival Reveals The Beer list and Exclusive Bottle Release

Courtesy of Portland Fruit Beer Festival
Portland, OR June 1st, 2015 -
With less than 2 weeks remaining until the 5th annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival organizers are revealing the tantalizing beer list today as well as a first ever Fruit Beer Fest exclusive bottle release. Fruit of the Garden of Good and Evil is a collaboration between Burnside Brewing Co. and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider. This years festival features a 40% space increase by adding an extra space for more room, more beers and hard cider just west of the main festival lot on NE 7th and Burnside.

Courtesy of Portland Fruit Beer Festival

Fruit of the Garden of Good and Evil
Exclusive Portland Fruit Beer Festival bottle release and beer from Burnside Brewing Co. and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider: Fruit of the Garden of Good and Evil. This unholy marriage of beer and cider is the ultimate temptation of luscious, juicy and tropical fruit character with notes of Pineapple and Apricot that pulls you in before ending in a firey tropical heat of Ghost Peppers, Scotch Bonnets and Aji peppers and a thirst quenching 4.5% (estimated) ABV. Available in 22oz bottles only at Burnside Brewing during the Fruit Beer Fest for $7 with limited draft poured at the festival, Reverend Nat's and special events.
Main Fest Draft Beer List:

Alameda Brewing: Berried By Night
Marionberry CDA
Guided only by the light of the moon, we poured over 130 pounds of Marion blackberries, copious amounts of 7 varieties of hops, and just a bit of roasted malt into this very Cascadian beer. Enjoy the night, any time of day. 7.4% ABV. 75 IBU

Baerlic Brewing: Apolis Cider Weiss
What do you get when you use wild lactobacillus from the skin of English apples to kettle sour a Gose only to blend that with Reverend Nat's Ciderkin Cider? A ridonkulously refreshing beer that hails from no place but the epic depths of our whacked out minds. 4.23% ABV enough IBU.
Breakside Brewery: Tropical Fruit Salad
Quasi IPA Six fruit blend
Hops like Mosaic, Citra, and Eldorado are often described as having the flavor and aroma of tropical fruit. So, we've reverse engineered the flavors of American IPA using real tropical fruit. A blend of six carefully selected fruits go into this beer, as well as a healthy dose of similar tasting hops. Try it for yourself and see how hop and fruit flavor meld together! 6.2% ABV Unknown IBU

Burnside Brewing: Peaches of Immortality
The Legend of Peaches of Immortality: Peaches symbolizing immortality (or the wish for a long and healthy life) are a common symbol in Chinese art, appearing in depictions or descriptions in a number of fables, paintings, and other forms of art, often in association with thematically similar iconography, such as certain deities or immortals
The immortals waited six thousand years before gathering for this magnificent feast; the peach tree put forth leaves once every thousand years and it required another three thousand years for the fruit to ripen. Statues depicting Xi Wangmu's attendants often held three peaches. 3,000 years of life after the consumption of a single peach. 6.2% ABV 3 IBU.
Burnside Brewing/Reverend Nat's Hard Cider: Fruit of the Garden of Good & Evil
An unholy collaboration between Portland's Burnside Brewing Co. and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider in celebration of the 5th annual Portland Fruit Beer Festival. A blend of Cider, Apricot, Pineapple, Ghost Chili's, Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Aji Peppers, Water, Malt, Yeast and Hops.

The Commons Brewery: Rouge Mélangé
Syrah and Grenache grape must
A Belgian Single, with Syrah and Grenache grape must from Rex Hill Winery. 5.2% ABV 7 IBU

Deschutes Brewery: Dr. Plum
For sour beer enjoyment we prescribe Dr. Plum! A base of Deschutes River Ale that we aged in oak for over 12 months with B. Lambicus, B. Bruxellensis, Lactobacillus and tart Italian Plum. Light and refreshing with a hint of fruit and a sour kick. It cures what ales ya! ABV: 5.6% IBU: 24
Ecliptic Brewing: Ultra Violet Blackberry Sour Ale
Ultraviolet is brewed with Oregon blackberries, soured in the brewhouse and fermented with Belgian yeast. The result is a tart and crisp sour ale, with ripe blackberry flavors radiating through it like cosmic rays traveling the universe. 7.5% ABV

Elysian Brewing/Payette Brewing: Huckleberry Sour
Elysian Brewing of Seattle, Washington and Payette Brewing of Boise, Idaho teamed up for the first time to brew this Northwest huckleberry sour. The beer is light, tart and bright freakin’ PINK! It’s brewed in the (mostly) traditional Berliner Weisse style, employs a grain bill of half wheat and half barley, is soured with Lactobacillus, and weighs in at a thirst quenching 2.8% ABV. Add to this a whopping two-and-a-half pounds per barrel of delicious Idaho-grown huckleberries and you have the perfect antidote for these hot summer days.

Ex Novo Brewing:
Class Monkey
A blend of Ex Novo Olde Ex Malt Liquor and fine orange juice. It puts the class in classic. 5.0% ABV.
Fat Head's Brewing: Prickly Pear Saison
Farmhouse style Saison with slightly tart, spicy, herbal notes and hints of prickly pear. 5.4 % ABV 26 IBU
Flat Tail Brewing: Apricot Orange Ginger Saison
This otherwise classic franco-belgian style saison is infused with fresh squeezed ginger juice processed in house, oregon fruit apricot puree, and bitter orange peel, for a bright fruity saison with a cleansing ginger heat in the finish. 7.5 % ABV.
Gigantic Brewing: Passionfruit Tart
Tropical Passion fruit, crackery pilsner malt, clean tartness. 10.6 Plato 4.8% ABV

Hopworks Urban Brewery: Radlerita
Margarita-esque beer made with Lime radler, sea salt and tequila infused oak chips. 2.8% ABV 15 IBU
Kells Brew Pub: Raspberry Creamcicle
Poured on Nitro. This beer has a nose of raspberries with a smooth and full but light body.The nitro makes it creamy and mellow and the finish is tart from the fruit. It is so easy to drink. Brewed with 6-row, wheat, corn, rice, flaked barley, and a healthy dose of biscuit malt. All tettnanger hops and fermented with 1056 ale yeast before being lagered an additional 6 weeks with Raspberries added in the brite tank. OG 1047 FG 1008 18 IBU 4.86% abv  SRM 4.5 before fruit

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub: Banana Bread
Wheat, chocolate, and aromatic malts give this barely hopped brown ale a malty aroma and smooth mouthfeel. Banana, clove, vanilla, and ginger was added to the beer during boiling, fermentation, and conditioning to bring all the flavors of a banana bread Grandma would be proud of. We hope you enjoy this unique ale. 4.76% ABV 3 IBU

Oakshire Brewing: Stone Free Cranberry Ginger Wild Ale
Stone Free is a blend of a Brett fermented Berliner Weisse and a wine barrel aged sour golden ale aged on Cranberries and Ginger. It is deep pink in color with tart fruit, funky and bready aromas and a background waft of ginger. Stone Free has both sweet and tart flavors intertwined with mild spicy ginger and a crisp and dry tangy finish. 5.1% ABV.

Fort George Brewery: Pucker Pi Beer
Kettle Soured Strawberry-Rhubarb Wheat Ale
Light Strawberry and tart rhubarb balance a mild acidity from kettle souring. 4.9% ABV

Laurelwood Brewing: There Gose the Neighborhood
Gose is an old wheat beer style originated in Leipzig, Germany. It is a beer that uses Lactobacillus bacteria to acidify the beer giving it a tart, lemony flavor. Gose’s are spiced with coriander and salt to give them a deep and savory character which balances nicely with the tart finish.  We used Jacobsen Sea salt from the Oregon coast to give it a rich sea salt flavor. The beer itself is hazy and light, like many wheat beers, and is very refreshing. We added Oregon Fruit Boysenberry puree to our Gose for the Fruit Beer Fest which added a pink/ purple color and mild berry flavor.  We hope you enjoy this delicious beer, Prost! ABV: 5.1% IBU:  8

Lompoc Brewing: Golden Pear
A golden ale fermented in stainless steel with pears and aged on the pears for a year. Subtle notes of pear with a slight tartness. 5.0% ABV

Upright Brewing: B.B. Stout
named in honor of the late B.B. King, is a straightforward beer with big flavors. Fermented in our open top tanks, the beer maintains a robust profile typical of the stout style with the addition of over 200 pounds of blueberry, adding one extra flavorful layer to the beer.
Widmer Brothers Brewing: Fresh Strawberries
Tart Farmhouse Saison with Strawberries
Fresh Strawberries is a collaboration brew with Coda Brewing from Aurora, Colorado.  Using Saison as a base, we added fresh strawberries and then kettle soured the beer with Lactobacillus to increase the tartness and balance out the sweetness from the fruit. French Sasion yeast allowed us to pull some subtle spicy notes in the aroma and flavor. 5.4 % ABV.


2 Towns Ciderhouse: Peach Saison Cider
Tart fresh-pressed NW apples fermented with peaches and an authentic French saison yeast. Dry, slightly spicy and phenolic, with lots of big clean fresh peach aromatics. Small batch, limited release run. 6%abv

Reverend Nat's Hard Cider: Ghost Chili Tepache
Pineapple Cider
Bringing back the crowd-pleaser spicy hot Tepache from last year's fest, this time with only Ghost Peppers. 3.2% ABV
Cider Riot: Hedgerow Fruits
plum and blackcurrant cider. 
Yamhill County was once the prune capital of the world, for Hedgerow Fruits we combine Italian prune plums with blackcurrants for a dry tart cider. Hedgerow Fruits is our tribute to the late English beer writer Michael Jackson, who was fond of referring to “notes of hedgerow fruits” as a beer descriptor. Made for the Portland Fruit Beer Fest, Hedgerow Fruits is a limited release from Cider Riot! 6.9% ABV

Hi-Wheel: Kiwi Lime
A tart fizzy wine made from fresh lime juice and kiwi, delightfully carbonated and refreshing. 6.5% ABV

Portland Fruit Beer Festival
Friday Evening Session
Friday June 12th 4pm – 9pm
Regular Festival Hours:
Saturday June 13th 11am – 9pm
Sunday June 14th 11am – 6pm
Advanced General Admission
$20 for 12 tickets and a Glass, print your ticket for faster entry.

7th & E. Burnside on the North side of the street. Taking place between Burnside & Couch streets on 7th and in the parking lot of Burnside Brewing Co. at 701 E. Burnside and the car lot across 7th in Portland, OR 97214

Twitter: @FruitBeerFest
Facebook: Portland Fruit Beer Festival

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