Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Terminal Gravity Brewing Releasing Eagle Cap IPA in Twelve Ounce Cans

Courtesy of Kevin Harlander, Terminal Gravity Brewing

We’ve been brewing beer in the Middle of Nowhere since 1997. We used to drive it to Portland 8 kegs at a time.  It was never about the vessel or the means, it was strictly about the liquid. It was, and still remains, about the beer. Over the last twenty years that mantra hasn’t changed. We pride ourselves on making handmade, work hard, brewed with grit, beer. We’ve known for a while now that the vessel does indeed matter, especially in the Middle of Nowhere. So that’s why we’re proud to offer Eagle Cap IPA in new twelve ounce cans. These cans are meant to be enjoyed deep in the Oregon backcountry, on the winding waters of the Snake River, or just as easily on the porch.   
 They’re on shelves now at New Seasons Markets, Whole Foods, Zupan’s Markets, Market of Choice, and other fine retailers. 

Courtesy of Kevin Harlander, Terminal Gravity Brewing
First brewed as an experimental one-off, Eagle Cap IPA quickly surged in popularity from Eastern Oregon to Portland. Packed with Citra hops, a clean yet sturdy malt backbone, and an approachable 6.1% ABV, Eagle Cap IPA boasts notes of citrus, tropical orange, and grapefruit. It’s a Northwest IPA, clean and bright and now available in a no nonsense vessel. So get yourself a six pack, we’ll see you in the Middle of Nowhere.

Cheers, Friends.
Courtesy of Terminal Gravity
Terminal Gravity Brewing is located in the small town of Enterprise, Oregon. Just a quick 320 miles from Portland, we’re nestled in the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains.  We cut our teeth on craft brewing twenty years ago and drove the first kegs of TG IPA to PDX in the back of a pickup truck, eight kegs at a time.  It quickly became a favorite of beer drinkers all over the PNW.

Twenty years later we’ve kept our roots a priority all the while envisioning and executing an exploratory path among new IPA’s, pilsners, American lagers, and barrel aged beers.  Our beers are an ode to our place, our people, and the kind of life worth living.  

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