Thursday, May 25, 2017

BREWVANA Brewery Tours In Collaboration With Nourish NW Bring You Cooking with Craft Beer Tour

Courtesy of Noursh NW & BREWVANA
PORTLAND, Ore. (May 25, 2017) - BREWVANA Brewery Tours in collaboration with Nourish NW bring you an exclusive tour on Sunday, June 18th, 2017 called "Cooking with Craft Beer Tour" on Father's Day during Portland Beer Week! The all inclusive tour is $79/person, from 12 - 3pm, with pick up at 11:40 am at the SE Growler Guys

Participants will learn about tasting tips, ingredients in beer, what tasting characteristics beer lends to food, what food to pair different beer styles with, and how to cook with beer. The tour will begin at The Commons Brewery with a variety of cheeses paired with their beers. Next stop will be Nourish NW where the group will be participating in a hands on cooking with beer They will create a beer-filled lunch featuring ​delicious stout BBQ chicken sandwiches and beer infused ice-cream for dessert, all of course paired with ​beer ​from Baerlic Brewing. Tour includes food, beer, transportation, sampling journal​, p​retzel necklace, ​pilsner glass, ​cooking instruction and ​knowledgeable teachers​ to facilitate the experience. Tickets are $79/person and can be purchased here.

BREWVANA & Nourish NW Founders
Portland is all about collaboration and this one brings together beer​ ​+ food, the love of cooking, appreciation for craft beer and tasting with two local small businesses owners who have been best friends for 23 years. "We both found ourselves in Portland through following our passions," says Ashley Rose Salvitti of BREWVANA. "My passion is craft beer, and Liv keeps me healthy with her passion for nutrition and her amazing cooking skills! " Olivia Martino is a registered ​die​ti​t​ian who founded Nourish Northwest 5 years ago in an effort to help people find balance with food​, nutrition ​and fitness ​and lead healthier lives. The girls were 11 years old when they met in upstate NY and have remained friends since; they both have found comfort in calling Portland their home in an opportunity-rich environment to grow their businesses. "The values that make Portland an amazing place to live, love, work and grow ​have ​also provided opportunities for small local businesses to be successful. The people here love craft beer as well as living fulfilling and healthy lives, which is why this tour is so perfect for the locals!"  Craft beer and healthy lifestyles are two things that overlap in the pacific northwest. Andrew Harmon, an intern at Nourish is also a beertender at The BeerMongers with a strong knowledge and passion for craft beer. Brittany Sandoval, cooking instructor at Nourish is married to a long term employee of The Commons Brewery. This is the first collaboration with Nourish NW and BREWVANA, but it won't be the last.

Courtesy of Nourish Northwest
About Nourish Northwest
Nourish Northwest's mission is to achieve optimal health for their clients through movement, eating healthy food, and forming community relationships. They have a nutrition and fitness studio in southeast Portland that provides an inviting space for individual and group nutrition counseling, weekly cooking classes, and a variety of fitness classes.
Courtesy of BREWVANA Beer Tours.

BREWVANA's mission is to celebrate craft beer in Portland, Oregon! They promote the history and culture of the craft brewing industry, while providing guests with VIP access to the brewing community through an all inclusive, educational and fun journey. Born in the heart of the world’s leading craft beer industry, the company offers an intimate opportunity to sample some of the finest brews that Portland has to offer through partnerships with the best breweries in the world!

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