Monday, May 9, 2016

Everybody’s Brewing Releases Hoppy AF Double IPA in 22 oz Bottles

Courtesy if Everybody's Brewing
White Salmon, WA-

Everybodys Brewing (White Salmon, WA) announced the release of their latest seasonal 22 oz bottle this month, with their Hoppy AF, Double IPA.  This is the first time the brewery has bottled Hoppy AF, previously available exclusively on draft through their Tiny Tank Series.  

Bottles started hitting the shelves of Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho stores the first of May. Hoppy AF clocks in at 85 IBUs, and 7.5% ABV, with Citra, Galaxy and Chinook hops listed on the bottle. Everybodys describes the beer as a dank, juicy IPA with a big and complex hop flavors.  The finely tuned blend of hops provides deep aromas and juicy fruit flavors. The brewery expects most retail outlets will charge around $6.99 per bottle. 

Courtesy if Everybody's Brewing
In the past, each batch of Hoppy AF used a different hop bill until Head Brewer Adam McClure was satisfied with his creation.  We made the beer with a few different recipes, and then we got a consistent line on the hops we really wanted.  Its not just about the hop variety, but we also really try to get the freshest hops possible.  I think it really shows, especially in the aroma.  Were really proud of this beer.” 

 Hoppy AF will replace Cold Press Coffee Porter and join Sprinkles Hibiscus Sour Red Ale on the shelf as the two current 22 oz. offerings; it will be available though the summer.  The brewery has not yet named its fall seasonal, but plans to keep its focus on making clean, approachable beers,said owner Doug Ellenberger.  Thats whats always been important to us.” 

Courtesy if Everybody's Brewing
 Ellenberger was quick to give a nod to his head brewer. Hoppy AF is really Adams baby.  He loves his IPAs, and Im really impressed with how this one turned out.  Its got some really nice melon and citrus notes.  Its a big IPA but it it sticks with our mantra of making balanced beers.
When asked what the  AFstood for, Ellenberger chuckled, ummm, And Freshis our P.C. answer at the pub.  I usually tell people to take a drink; they usually get it after that. Its a fun name for sure.” 

Courtesy if Everybody's Brewing
About Everybodys Brewing:  Founded in 2008 in the Southwest Washington town of White Salmon, Everybodys Brewing focuses on session style beers with full, complex flavors. The finely crafted beers, locally-sourced, delicious food, and outdoor seating with a stunning view of Mt. Hood make Everybodys Brewing a must stop attraction in the Columbia River Gorge.

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