Monday, October 27, 2014

Born Yesterday On Its Way From Lagunitas Brewing

Born Yesterday, a new Fresh Hop Pale Ale from Lagunitas Brewing, is shipping as I type this. Expect to see it at limited tap houses and bottle shops in California, Oregon, and Washington tomorrow (10/27/14). Born Yesterday is a version of the Dogtown Pale ale that will use fresh unkilned wet hops. Once Born Yesterday is bottled and kegged, Lagunitas will ship the product to store shelves or bars within 24 hours.

Information sent to from Lagunitas about Born Yesterday is below. Lagunitas is also sending some samples of Born Yesterday - we're excited to try this unique, (very) fresh hop pale! Our beer was born today, so we'll have it tomorrow and will post about it in the very near future.  (Thank Lagunitas for sending some our way - we've been looking forward to this release since BBC14 in August!)

The Announcement:
Born Yesterday Pale Ale
It's a newborn version  Pale Ale (New DogTown Pale), with a fresh addition.  wet, un-kilned virgin hops—with all their oils intact—10lbs per barrel
Then bottled and delivered the result within 24hrs.
Wet Amarillo, wet Mosaic and Wet Equinox (Wetquinox) picked on the Sept. equinox.
All hops are from our farmer friends up at Carpenter Ranch, Loftus and Perault.
An preemie version of Born Yesterday beer won first place at the Yakima Fresh Hop Ale Festival.
Ridiculously limited 6packs and draft in California, Oregon and Washington.

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