Thursday, April 26, 2018

Portland Brewing Company's Official Brand Release in NE Portland

Courtesy of Portland Brewing Co
What: New Way IPA Launch and New Look  
  • Join Portland Brewing for the official brand release in NE Portland at Donnie Vegas.
    • Featuring new beer release of New Way IPA
    • Also showcasing new looks for MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale and Ink & Roses IPA (formerly called Portland IPA)
  • Meet the brewers from Portland Brewing and designers from Studio Mega responsible for bringing the new beers and new look to life.
When: Friday, April 27
Time: 6-8pm
Price: Free entry to event
Who: Everyone welcome

About Portland Brewing Company
We are no strangers to carving our own path. Founded by a group of high school friends, banded together to pursue a passion; industry pioneers who had no rules or playbook, but nevertheless helped shape the Portland craft beer scene to what we love today. Located in the heart of industrial Northwest Portland, we continue to be a passionate group focused on crafting new amazing beer and sharing the fruits of our labor with neighbors, friends and strangers alike.

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