Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Terminal Gravity Releasing Apolitical Stout

Courtesy of Terminal Gravity Brewing Co
Press Release:

Fellow Americans-

No matter where you stand politically, most can agree this election season has gotten a wee bit out of hand. Sometimes we find ourselves seeing similar trends in the beer world. How big can a beer get? How robust, complex? How hoppy? It’s not an IPA unless you can smell it the moment you walk into the pub. EXPLOSIONS of flavor and bold opinions abound. 
Here at TG we try to make consistent, honest beer. If you pull any one of our twelve handles at the pub, you’ll find a great beer, whether it’s a Czech-style Pilsner or an American IPA. We also stray from the ordinary and push some boundaries. Take some of the beer coming from our barrel aging program—Golden in the Rye, our Extra Special Golden aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels; and Unbridled, a Kentucky Common Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. Both are great beers and styles not a lot of folks are approaching. 
Our latest seasonal draught beer is an ode to what we call a “drinker’s beer.”  Apolitical Stout is a American Stout that will satisfy the drinker in the winter, yet make her/him consider it during the shoulder seasons as well. It pours a rich, dark brown with a creamy foam head, tangled with light brown hues. On first sip, one might consider it lighter than it looks. A smooth texture and mouth-feel brought on by the addition of oats in the malt bill compliment the hesitant roast flavor. With lasting notes of coffee, the finish carries bitterness reminiscent of real dark chocolate.  At 5.7% ABV, it’s a perfect beer to enjoy as a full pint.
Courtesy of Terminal Gravity Brewing Co
This is an honest beer. No need to pick sides here. This beer is best enjoyed in a cozy pub, among friends.
Try a pint today, at our pub and where finer beer is sold in Portland. Specifically, you can experience this beer at Paymaster Lounge in Portland, located near the Pearl District at 1020 NW 17th Ave.
Cheers Friends.

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