Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oregon Brewfest 2016 Recap

1st beers of  the 2016 OBF - Picture Courtesy of me
The 29th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival started yesterday at noon. if you're at OBF today - awesome!, if you haven't been or plan to go, you still have 3 days left to make it down to Tom McCall Waterfront park and enjoy some great beers, music, food, and just plain old good times.

One notable change you will notice is that OBF has once again changed the drinking vessel. Over the years they've had the white plastic mugs, glass tasters, BPA-free plastic glass tasters, and now this new 12 oz. clear styrene plastic mug  free of BPA and phthalates. I gotta say, I really like this new mug, maybe even more than the glass tasters that were present for a couple years. I like the mug style as its easy to carry, so no worries about dropping the mug, and I think the clear styrene plastic worked well for trying to get sight, aroma,  and taste when sampling each beer. So great Job OBF, with the new sampling mugs.

Beers we really enjoyed this year.
  • Ex Novo – All of the Things - Berliner Weiss
  • New Holland – Dragons Milk Reserve: Mexican Spice Cake - Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
  • Boundary Bay - Escape Velocity - American Pale Ale
  • Old Town - Kentucky Refresh-Mint - Mint Julep Beer
  • Ninkasi – Grapefruit Sour - American-Style Sour Ale
  • Culmination – Deutschland-Down Under - Berliner-Style Weisse
  • Stormbreaker - Handfuls of Hops V.OBF - American IPA
  • Georgetown Brewing -Gusto Crema Coffee Ale - Coffee Ale  
  • Double Mountain Brewing - Randall Knife - American-Style India Pale Ale
  • 54°40′  - 70% Ultra Pilsner - German-Style Pilsner
  • Sasquatch - Nancy Cherrygan - Specialty Beer
So many great beers and beer styles to sample this year, and don't forget to check out the International Beer Garden and note, those beers rotate, so its worth it to go back every so often to see what has changed.

last beer of the 2016 OBF - Picture Courtesy of me
Details on the 29th Oregon Brewers Festival.
Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, Oregon
Main entrance at S.W. Oak Street and Naito Parkway

July 27 through 31, 2016 — “Always the last full weekend in July”

Wed through Sat, gates open at 11:30am, taps are open from Noon to 9pm
Sun, gates open at 11:30am, taps are open from Noon to 7pm
Token & mug sales close one-half hour prior to the taps shutting off (8:30pm daily, except 6:30pm Sunday)

For more information visit or follow and @OregonBrewfest on Twitter and Instagram, hashtag #OBF16. For a complete list of participating breweries, visit

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