Thursday, May 26, 2016

Upright Brewing Releasing Oregon Native, A Patton Valley Vineyards collaboration

Courtesy of Upright Brewing Co
5/26/2016 Portland, OR - 
Upright Brewing is proud to announce the release of one of our most exciting projects yet -- Oregon Native. This barrel fermented wild ale is a collaboration with Derek Einberger, a winemaker at Patton Valley Vineyards and the beer uses their pinot noir grapes to blend the line between wine and beer. Upright will be debuting the beer at Patton Valley Vineyards on Memorial Day, Monday May 28th, and then it will be available in the Upright Brewing tasting room on Thursday June 2nd

Waxed dipped bottles of Oregon Native will be on sale for $20 each with a 3 bottle per person limit at the brewery.

About Oregon Native:
Oregon Native is a collaboration with Derek Einberger, winemaker at Patton Valley Vineyards. The beer combines their estate pinot noir grapes with our method of cask fermentation on whole fruit, the idea being to highlight the varietal and make a pinot beer, not simply a grape beer. To keep it from becoming too busy on the palate, we avoided the usual mix of yeasts and bacteria employed here for their vineyard culture, yielding a profile without excessive peaks, allowing the nuance of the fruit to show in both aroma and flavor. Aged in casks from both Patton Valley and Fausse Piste, the Oregon Native expresses a truly local character. 

Grains: two-row, vienna, wheat
Hops: 2012 harvest Columbia, aged at room temp.
Also: pinot noir grapes
Brewed: September 21st 2014, bottled September 24th 2015
Yield: 106 cases, 5 kegs, 7.75% abv.
Courtesy of Upright Brewing Co
Patton Valley Vineyards Release Party on Memorial Day Weekend
May 26 -30th 11:00-5:00pm
Patton Valley Vineyards
9449 SW Old Hwy 47, Gaston OR 97119
(P) 503-985-3445
Fact: There is one beverage Oregonians find as satisfying as Pinot. Duh, beer. Join us for the release of the first vintage of “Oregon Native” a collaborative brewing effort between Upright Brewing and PVV. Upright taps, Pinot Noir, and a wine glass = awesome.

Join us on Saturday, May 28th to meet Derek (our fantastic winemaker) and Alex (the genius and brewer behind Upright)!

Tasting Fee $15

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