Monday, May 23, 2016

.50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener.....Yes Please

Hopefully you've seen my Instagram page by now.  If so, you know I tend to post all my beer photos on Instagram and other social media sites. I also enjoy randomly rolling through my Instagram feed checking out other beer-centric feeds, and one of the feeds I enjoy checking out is Bullets2Bandages.

A couple weeks ago, Eric Montgomery, the Sales Manager from Bullets2Bandages, reached out to me after seeing my Instagram feed and wanted to know if I wanted to check out one of their products. Of course I was!

Before I go any further - In full disclosure, the .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener in the picture above was sent to me for free from Bullets2Bandages.

So a bit about B2B:

Bullets2Bandages was started by Erik Spalding and Cole Evans,ex Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers. After leaving the Military, Erik and Cole started B2B as a way for people to say 'Thanks" to current service members, veterans, and the families behind the soldiers and veterans.  B2B also donates at least 15% of profits to Veterans' Charities.

The .50 caliber bullet that I received is once-fired military grade ammunition. Its really well-crafted, and U.S. made with a powder coat of gloss blue and engraved with my logo.

This is my first time actually handling a .50 caliber bullet shell and wow, let me tell you it's impressive in size and weight. The first time I used it to open a bottle, I realized the impressive size and weight will just pop the cap right off with no issues. I also used it to open a wax-covered bottle and let me tell you its the first time I have ever just popped a cap off with wax on it. Normally this process involves using something else to cut into the wax, and then wedging the opener in to try to pry the cap off. Not a problem with the .50 caliber opener. Along with the ease of opening bottles, its just plain impressive to look at. Check out the photo of the .50 shell opener in front of the Spiegelau IPA glass - It's almost as big as the glass, and hey it just looks great in beer photos.

 B2B has many different options with bullet openers. They have the .50 Caliber opener that can be designed with all sorts of options, they have a  Bourbon Barrel Wood 7.62 Bullet Openera 7.62 Bullet Key Chain opener, and they even have a 20mm Bottle Opener.

Please go check out their offerings. They have something for everyone, and can customize the look for a variety of different users and occasions. For example, they can print your charity name, a branch of the military, or even a sentimental message for the groomsmen (and bridesmaids!!) at your wedding.  Don't get too sappy, it is ammo after all.

Also if you're not looking for a bottle opener,  they have all sorts of cool other products such as these killer 30mm Tap handles. Check out the exclusive page for other items.

As we head towards Memorial Day, where we remember the brave men and women who died serving in the country's armed forces, the Bullets2Bandages bottle openers and other B2B products are a great way to say “Thank You” to those who died and to current service members and the veterans that have fought for our freedom and safety.
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