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Courtesy of Firestone Brewing Co

Wild Beer Expert Embarks on Educational Acid Trips This Fall

Buellton, CA: Get ready to embark on a mindbending journey into the world of wild beers as Jeffers drops acid…

Acid knowledge, that is. 

Indeed, Jeffers Richardson—director of Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks wild beer facility—is taking his trailblazing educational show on the road this fall under the banner of “Jeffers Drops Acid…Knowledge,” inviting you to explore how acidity shapes your sensory perception of wild beers.

“When it comes to wild or sour beers, acidity plays more of a role in the taste experience compared to traditional beers, which are more defined by their hop and malt profiles,” Richardson said. “This seminar is designed to explore the role of acidity, and to reveal not only what you are tasting in the beer, but also why.”

Credit Nick Gingold. Jeffers at Center with David Walker at left
Perception vs. Reality

The seminars delve into the differences between pH and total (or titratable) acidity as well as the sensory relationship between smell and taste. Different concentrations of acetic, citric and lactic acids are tasted, enabling you to discover the signature characteristics of each. Along the way, you learn how each of these acids shapes flavor, mouthfeel and overall perception.

Each seminar then ends on a sour note with a special tasting of limited releases from Barrelworks to test your newfound knowledge and reinforce the lesson.

The “Jeffers Drops Acid…Knowledge” seminar series originated at the brewery earlier this year and was met with enthusiasm, prompting Richardson to take it on the road. A recent similar event in collaboration with The Rare Barrel in Berkeley sold out in two minutes.

“The response has been phenomenal,” Richardson said. “Many people are new to wild beers, and this is a really fun way to take a crash course.”

Next Seminar

The next “Jeffers Drops Acid…Knowledge” seminar will take place at The Handle Bar in Chico on October 12 as part of Chico Beer Week. Additional upcoming dates and locations will be announced soon.

Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks is a story of beer, barrels and unintended consequences, of renegade brewers, and of a pet project turning into a wild beast:

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