Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fort George’s Fresh IPA Returns to the Pacific Northwest

Courtesy of Fort George Brewing

October 1st, 2015
For Freshest Release – Use Immediately

The call came in. Fresh hops were ready. Without delay, the Fort George truck was dispatched to Yakima where it was loaded with over a ton of dank, wet Mosaics. As you can imagine, the aroma on the drive home was amazing.

In just 48 hours from harvest, the brewers at Fort George had packed the tanks with wet hopped beers. Fresh-hopped versions of The Optimist and Suicide Squeeze IPA were bubbling away in the Sweet Virginia pub system. And in the Lovell Brewery, enough Fresh IPA to provide the Pacific Northwest their wet hop fix. Well, at least until this limited batch runs out.

“It’s definitely a lot of work in a very short period of time, brewing a fresh hop beer on this scale,” explains Fort George lead production brewer Mike Frankowicz. “But all of us are excited about how it turned out, and really looking forward to enjoying a few.”

And Mike is excited for you to try a pint as well. So eager, he drove an extra truck filled with Fresh IPA cans to Portland this morning. From vine, to brewery, to beer, to can, and into your hands in just two weeks - that’s how fresh Fresh IPA is.
Courtesy of Fort George Brewing
Fort George Fresh IPA is like beer in 3D, without those silly glasses. Using wet hops means extra hop oils make their way into the can. Fort George seals in that freshness, creating a time capsule of hop aromatics - pure canned triumph. When you crack the seal you should expect resin, citrus, and fruit to flood forward, along with an earthy complexity.

Fresh IPA releases at the pub in Astoria today, October 1st at 4pm. And thanks to Mike, 16-oz four-pack cans of Fresh IPA will be available in Portland starting tomorrow, October 2nd. Look for draft only small batches of The Fresh Hopped Optimist and Fresh Hop Suicide Squeeze releasing at Fort George Brewery on Tuesday, October 6th. Fresh IPA will be available on tap and in cans across the rest of the Pacific Northwest starting next week. These limited release fresh hop beers won’t last long. Get them while you can. 

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