Sunday, July 19, 2015

Speakeasy Ales & Lagers Baby Daddy Session Ale

Speakeasy Lagers & Ales sent a sample of their new session IPA, Baby Daddy. Baby Daddy Session IPA is the first beer released by Speakeasy from their new line, Session 47 Series. Session 47 beers will be low alcohol but flavorful beers and will be available in cans or on draft.

We here at are huge fans of session beers and Baby Daddy Session IPA really hits the session style well.

Also, we're big fans of the distinctive packaging. I love the almost flat-black can with touch of gold, and you gotta love the brass knuckles with baby pacifier. Kudos to Speakeasy for making their products really stand out.

When pouring into the IPA glass, you see a nice gold coloring, and slight bit of  haze. Aromas of malt, citrus and citrus zest are noted. The flavor is nicely balanced with great citrus flavor, and it has a nice spicy bite at the finish.

I could see buying a six pack or even a case for at-home consumption or when traveling.  Since the beer is canned, it would be great to pack along on a hike or road trip.  Another plus is that its a 4.7% session beer, you can enjoy a few of these Baby Daddy cans before you gotta stop.

Here are the details from Speakeasy (below) on Baby Daddy Session IPA. Also if you're going to the Oregon Brewers Festival this coming week, Baby Daddy Session IPA will be one of the beers being poured. You will find it at Trailer #5 and you can sample it there.

Also be on the lookout for Suds Session Ale, the second release in the Session 47 Series. Suds Session Ale will be coming out in cans and draft in August.

Courtesy of Speakeasy Ales & Lagers
The first edition of our Session 47 Series, Baby Daddy IPA is sunny straw in color and loaded with hops. The aroma and flavor yield citrus and tropical notes: grapefruit, melon, lime, passion fruit, and a touch of spice will delight your palate. Baby Daddy IPA has a full balanced body, with a crisp finish and low bitterness. It’s an ideal choice for long afternoons with friends.

Style – Session IPA
ABV – 4.7% ABV
IBU – 35 IBU
Malt –  Two Row, Dextrin, Caramel, Munich
Hops – Citra, Chinook, Centennial, Cascade
Availability – Year-round
Formats – Draft, 12oz. can

For the carnivore: From a juicy burger to a fine steak, Baby Daddy will clean and refresh your palate, so each morsel can be savored just like your first bite. 

Cheese Pairing: Choose a mild blue like Gorgonzola. Enjoy it solo or crumbled over a citrusy salad.

Some like it hot: Go for some curry. Spices like tamarind, coriander, and cardamom play well with hops, which also cut through creamy yogurt or butter-based sauces.

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