Thursday, July 23, 2015

Good Times At The 28th Annual Oregon Brewers

The 28th annual Oregon Brewers Festival Started yesterday. We would like to thank the OBF festival organizers for the media pass (cup & tokens) so we could sample some of the fine beers that are being poured during the brewfest that continues on through Sunday.
A few changes this year that you should be aware of. 

The normal long tables that are usually under the big tents are now outside along the fence line and in place of those, they have standing upright tables. Should work well to keep traffic moving on Friday and Saturday, the busiest days for OBF.

Last year at OBF they had a combo Buzz Tent and International Tent. This year the Buzz portion is gone and now it's just the international tent where you will find breweries from the Netherlands and New Zealand.....and its just one token per sample! A nice change from the multi token years in previous years.

And if you don't know by now, the glass tasting glass is gone and replaced with a new polycarbonate tasting glass. We're happy its back to non-glass, also no aroma issues from the polycarbonate glass, unlike the previous years of plastic mugs, and bonus you don't have to worry about breakage if they get dropped.

We sampled many beers at OBF this year and here are a few of the beers that we really enjoyed at OBF.
  • Claim 52 Brewing - Runnermass - Kolsch/lemon-lime soda Blend - Very refreshing and at 3% abv, would be a great hot day drinker.
  • Breakside Brewing - Rainbows & Unicorns - Session IPA - Best beer name of the fest...Very refreshing, light, citrus notes and at 4.7% another easy drinker.
  • Cascade Brewing -  Frite Gaulois - NW Sour with a blend of Weizen, Saison, and Blonde Ales ages in oak wine Barrels. Excellent
  • Burnside Brewing - Smoked Berliner Weiss - An amazing combo with the hint of smoke and the refreshing tartness.
  • Melvin Brewing  - Hamber - A hoppy Amber - Nice balance between the malt and hops.
Another great Oregon Brewers Festival is in the books for us here at Thanks to the OBF organizers for once again putting on a great beer fest. See you next year.

Oregon Brewers Festival continues on through Sunday. Please find details here or for complete details at the OBF website.

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