Monday, July 13, 2015

Pike Brewing Releasing Pike Derby Lager

Pike Brewing is releasing a new summer seasonal beer, called Pike Derby Lager. Pike Derby Lager will be available on draft and 22oz bottles. See details below.

Courtesy of Pike Brewing Co
Courtesy of Pike Brewing Co
Pike Brewing Company is proud to announce the release of its summer seasonal beer,Pike Derby Lager. Nature created summer so we could drink beer outside. Pike Brewing Company created Derby Lager so you could have the perfect beer for summer lounging, BBQ's and thirst quenching.

Pike Derby Lager is a light, lager-style beer brewed using San Francisco Steam (California Common) lager yeast that ferments at 65 degrees. Sorachi Ace hops of Japanese origin flavor this brew along with a small portion of flaked brown rice to create its lovely, light mouthfeel. This gentle lager pairs well with all manner of summer time foods, from spicy grilled sausages and burgers to pasta salads and grilled fruit.

Where did the name come from? Pike Derby Lager is named for our very own Boston Terrier mascot, Derby. This lager is pure bred, just like our sweet Derby.
Pike Derby Lager is available on draft and in 22 oz. dinner size bottles. 

OG      1.049
ABV    5.00 %
IBU     30

The Pike Brewing Company is a family owned brewery located in the historic Pike Place Public Market neighborhood. It was founded in 1989 by craft beer pioneers, Charles and Rose Ann Finkel. Pike Brewing handcrafts beers of character including the Pike Pale Ale, Pike IPA, Naughty Nellie, Space Needle IPA, Kilt Lifter, Monk’s Uncle, and XXXXX Stout along with seasonal offerings such as Harlot’s Harvest, Old Bawdy, Auld Acquaintance, Derby Lager, Saison Houblon, and Octopus Ink. The Pike Pub is known for local, sustainable and seasonal pub fare and for housing the world-famous Micro-Brewery Museum, illustrating 9,000 years of beer history.

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