Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Beer Products to

Recently a few interesting beer products arrived at, so we're reviewing them for you today.  Cheers! 
Courtesy of Fermented Reality
Fermented Reality - Craft Beer Lifestyle Goods based in Tampa, Florida sent us their new B Cups. B Cups are 17oz plastic/ BPA free IPA Cups that they are selling on their website for $15 for a pack of 4. They are transparent, rigid and shatterproof. These should be great for all outdoor activities and travel.
We first tried these out at home, pouring in a Bale Breaker Top Cutter IPA.  I thought it came close to the aroma and foaming qualities that I get from the Spiegelau IPA glass that I usually use at home.  Even though these are made of plastic they have a nice rigid feel in hand, and no plastic aroma. I must say we are impressed with the quality and feel of the B-Cups.

Trying the B-Cup out at home
Then we took the B-Cups on the road.  We've recently taken a couple of quick overnight trips, grabbed growlers of favorite beers to enjoy at our destinations, and brought the B-Cups along. It's nice to know that you don't have to worry about breakage during travel as you would with glassware.  It's also nice you don't have to use whatever glass or mug the hotel leaves out in the room. I now consider these a road-trip travel staple, and I couldn't be happier with them.  So get online and order them or if you're in the Tampa, Florida you should be able to find them at a few local breweries.

Fermented Reality
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Hydro Flask - Based in Bend, Oregon sent us one of their new True Pints. The 16oz Hydro Flask True Pint is made from 18/8 food grade stainless steel and double wall vacuumed for insulating and keeping your beverage cold. We are big fans of the Hydro Flask growlers so were really excited to give this new product a try!
The True Pint has a nice feel in hand. It's surprisingly light and much like the Hydro Flask Growlers that are powder coated, the version we got has the same coating which adds a little grip.
To test how well it insulates, I did a little unscientific experiment and filled up the True Pint with water and ice and then filled up a similar sized pint glass with water and ice and let them sit in the kitchen at 69 degrees. After one hour I was surprised how much better the True Pint did verses the standard pint glass. We are impressed with this product and will be using it around the house with no worries about the beer warming up. As with the Hydro Flask growlers you pay to play: the True Pint is $21.99 which may seem a bit expensive for a vessel to use for drinking beer (beer that you won't even be able to see as you drink it), BUT you will be able to keep your beer at a nice drinkable temperature, it won't break if dropped, it's 100% recycle, BPA Free, and they donate 5% of profits from the purchase of any of their products to one of 12 charities.
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Courtesy of Freaker USA
Freaker USA -From Wilmington, North Carolina, sent us a box of assorted Freakers. The Freaker is a made-in-the-USA, one-size-fits-all bottle insulator.  These are essentially bottle koozies made from material that resembles the upper part of a tube sock. Freakers come in all sorts of designs in three funky collections: Collegiate, State, and Boutique.
Freaker USA
I decided to test the one-size-fits-all claim, given that I have on hand probably every size and kind of beer/wine/cider bottle imaginable. I must say the Freakers did fit over nearly everything I put them on including a 750ml wine bottle, sports water bottle, 12oz beer bottle, and a 12oz beer can.  I could not, despite trying really hard, get one over a standard glass growler. 

The Freakers do just what they say they do - they fit over (almost) everything I tried, they add some insulation to your beverage to keep it cold, and you gotta love the funky designs. I plan to keep some in the house and throw a couple in the cars that way we can always get our Freak on.  Freakers are the mother of all koozies, so check them out.

Freaker USA 
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I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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