Monday, November 24, 2014

Craft Brewing comes to the High Desert Museum In Bend

If your from Bend or will be visiting Bend, make sure to check out a new exhibit at the High Desert Museum called Brewing Culture: The Craft of Beer. The exhibit opens January 17th and runs through Memorial Day weekend. See info below.

Craft Brewing comes to the High Desert Museum In Bend

New exhibit captures the history, culture, art and science of beer making.
Press Release:
Bend, OR —  Oregonians love their stouts, ales and IPAs, and no Oregon town has more brewpubs per capita than Bend. So it’s only natural that the High Desert Museum would create an exhibit about the craft of beer-making.

Brewing Culture: The Craft of Beer opens January 17th and will be on display through Memorial Day weekend.  Special brewing events, tastings, and beer-themed programs will be presented at the Museum throughout the 19-week run, starting with a big kick-off party on January 16th at 6:30 p.m.

The exhibit, conceived and designed by the High Desert Museum staff, will present the history of brewing, the ingredients used in craft beers, the process of brewing and the culture of the craft brewing industry.

“Needless to say, there’s a bustling beer culture in this town,” said Museum President Dana Whitelaw. “We thought it would be interesting to provide our own unique perspective on the craft.  I think the timing is perfect, and no one can do it quite like the High Desert Museum.  We will explore the history of beer in the West, the economic impact of the craft brewing business, the agricultural practices associated with brewing as well as the commendable practices of sustainability that we’re seeing from regional brewers.”

Curator Faith Powell has connected with craft brewers, hops farmers, writers, historians and home brewers while preparing the exhibit.
“Everyone I’ve talked with has been tremendously supportive,” Powell said. “It’s exciting to unpack the story of craft brewing and explore the impact that it’s having on our community and beyond. There are some very innovative and sustainable practices going on here… Filling your growler at a local pub is a great practice. It reduces waste by bringing the consumer directly to the product and it supports the local economy. It’s the essence of the local food movement. ”

About the Museum
The High Desert Museum is nationally acclaimed for inspiring stewardship of the natural and cultural resources of the High Desert. It offers wildlife encounters, living history performances, Native American and Western art, music, nature trails, tours and classes.  It is located 10 minutes from downtown Bend on South Highway 97.
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