Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beer tastings

So a couple of beers that I've tried recently.

Desschutes - Chasin Freshies (fresh hop ipa).  A good fresh hop beer that you probably won't find anymore as it's a limited release but if you find it, drink it right away as the fresh hop smell/flavor will dissipate the longer it sits in the bottle.  7.4% abv
Bridgeport Brewing - Hop Harvest (fresh hop) Pilsner. Another fresh hop beer but this is a Pilsner with a hint of fresh hops....oh and be careful its 8% abv....this one will sneak up on you.
 Heater Allen Brewing - Coastal. The brewery description is that its an Northwest Amber lager. Whatever, its a really great lager. 5% abv
 Deschutes - Hop Trip. Another fresh hop beer from Deschutes but this is a pale ale not an IPA. Excellent beer and I usually pick up a sixer or two of this every year. This is a seasonal release but you should be able to find this eveywhere unlike Chasing Freshies. 5.7% abv
 10 Barrel brewing - Pray For Snow. A strong ale, perfect beer for the coming colder, rainy nights. 7.6% abv

ST Helens Brewing - Fire Dog Red (Irish Ale). Ths is from a new nano brewery based out of Toledo, Wa. This was given to me by a friend that I crossfit with. 
 The famous Jubelale (stong ale) from Deschutes. What else can you say about one of the most anticipated seasonal releases of the year for the artwork and the change's in flavor from year to year. Well this year it doesn't disappoint. Its such a great beer and I plan to drink a bunch of it. 6.7% abv. 

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