Thursday, September 27, 2012

Everybody's brewing pint glass and Bend Ale Trail silipint

I have a pretty big collection of pint glasses from years of visiting breweries. Over the last five years I have pretty much stopped buying glassware as I just don't have the room anymore.  But I picked up two recently.  When we stopped in at Everybody's brewing I decided to pick up two of theirs. They have an interesting shape, they are shaped like a typical glass not a pint glass with a little lip, they look like they are pretty small but actually hold a 16 oz bottle of beer.  I really like them and they feel good in the hand.
Note the test beer is a 12oz bottle of beer, but it fits a 16oz of beer.
The next pint glass was from the Bend Ale Trail.  Emily and I went down to visit our friends in Bend and we had a great time visiting the various breweries. In order to get the free commemorative Bend Ale silipint pint glass you had to visit 9 Bend breweries and either get a stamp on a map or get the Bend Ale Trail app and then scan a little barcode and you get a virtual stamp.  After you visit them all you go down to the Bend visitor center and show them your stamped map or app with the virtual stamps and they give you the silipint.  Silipint is a company based out of Bend and is the first pint glass made from silicone. The silipint is a traditional style pint glass shape and holds 16 oz of beer, it had no weird smell from the silicone.  It takes a bit to get use to holding it as its firm but if you had a full pint and grabbed it fast or even squeezed it a bit the beer is going to come out, but otherwise its just like a normal glass pint. I think its a pretty cool product and it has its place in the beer world as its light, not breakable, 100% food could bake in it if you wanted to. If you have a chance to do the Bend Ale trail you should take a couple of days and enjoy the trek around Bend and enjoy all the great breweries and get yourself a silipint.

very flexible, so you need to be careful when the holding the silipint if its full.

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