Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HOTLIPS Pizza and Back Pedal Brewing Co-release Spotted Leopard Pale Ale

Courtesy of HOTLIPS Pizza and Back Pedal Brewing
HOTLIPS’ latest local brewing collaboration made with pizza crusts
Portland, Ore. (November 16, 2016) - HOTLIPS Pizza, in partnership with Portland’s Back Pedal Brewing, is releasing the eighth in its continuing series of collaborative brews. Debuting on Thursday, November 17th, the limited edition Spotted Leopard Pale Ale is an earthy brew made with six whole HOTLIPS Pizza crusts. 

Courtesy of HOTLIPS Pizza and Back Pedal Brewing
Named after the crisp, dark, charred spots that dot a rustic pizza crust, this small-batch ale will be on tap while the supply lasts at all six HOTLIPS Pizza restaurants in Portland, as part of its well-established craft beer program.

“Pizza is inherently a fun, lighthearted food, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously,” said David Yudkin, co-owner of HOTLIPS Pizza. “We enjoy spending time inventing interesting new pizza combinations, and to be able to carry that creativity over into our partnership with Back Pedal is our kind of fun.”

Courtesy of HOTLIPS Pizza and Back Pedal Brewing
In October, a group of HOTLIPS employees teamed up with the Back Pedal crew in the Pearl District brewery to help make the Spotted Leopard beer and learn more about the brewing process in person. The pizza crusts were added into the mash, and the Centennial hops were chosen to brighten up the flavor with citrusy, floral notes. HOTLIPS Pizza's crust is made with Shepherd's Grain flour, grown sustainably in the Pacific Northwest.

“Pizza and beer are the ultimate pairing, and we found ourselves wondering what would happen if we just mixed them together,” said Greg Passmore, head brewer at Back Pedal Brewing. “The result is even better than we expected: bready and full, but with a clean, crisp single-hop flavor.”

Courtesy of HOTLIPS Pizza
Founded in 1984, HOTLIPS is a Portland family-owned business and a respected, iconic local brand. Currently employing 160 people in six pizza restaurants, a commissary kitchen, a craft soda-brewing operation and a full calendar of off-site and catering events, HOTLIPS demonstrates a long-standing dedication to sustainability, quality, innovation and community leadership. HOTLIPS is passionate about great food and drink, the power of community and the bounty of the region’s harvest. HOTLIPS’ mission is to preserve culture and celebrate humanity through the rich culinary traditions and by joining with others in finding new and sustainable ways of doing business.

Courtesy of Back Pedal Brewing
Back Pedal Brewing is the Pearl District's small independent brewery and home of the BrewCycle. Founded in Portland in 2015, our award winning small batch beers focus on sessionable ales, bold hops, fruit beers, and experimentation. Come visit our tasting room for a flight of our ever changing beers, or book a BrewCycle or BrewBarge for a pedal powered exploration of our lovely city and beer scene.

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