Monday, August 17, 2015

Secret Video Game On Sierra Nevada's Website Helps Launch New Oktoberfest Beer

So all old school gamers will love Sierra Nevada's secret throwback video game, that is hidden on the Sierra Nevada website. When playing the game, you help Kenny the Braumeister collect water, hops, barley and yeast so he can brew Oktoberfest.
Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
The new Oktoberfest from Sierra Nevada is a collaboration with German Brewer, Brauhaus Riegele and should be hitting shelves and draft accounts soon. See the press release posted here.

Here is how to find/play the video game.

On the Sierra Nevada Website top navigation, click around until Kenny appears. Click Kenny and get to brewin’.
Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Or on the Sierra Nevada website footer, find the yellow ribbon that says “Locate Beers.” Type in Prost and hit enter.

Courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
And in the spirit of friendly competition, players can share their final score on Facebook and Twitter.
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest hitting shelves & draft soon - Courtesy Sierra Nevada Brewing Co

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