Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hop Hands:The Beer Pannier Kickstarter Live Now

Courtesy of Hop Hands
We've all been there....struggling to carry a growler full of beer while also struggling to ride your bike, or walk and hold a leash while walking an energetic dog, or maybe you've got kids and need both hands to walk with them....well check out this cool new growler carrier that will hopefully fix those issues called Hop Hands that two local Portland Beer lovers are hoping to get funded via Kickstarter.

Courtesy of Hop Hands
Rather than trying to give you the information on the Hop Hands:The Beer Pannier, please read the well written statement from Emily Damen and Jenna Forstrom about Hop Hands:The Beer Pannier and what it can do for you. For more pictures and information on the Hop Hands:The Beer Pannier go check out their Kickstarter page which is live now.

Hop Hands:The Beer Pannier

Many beer enthusiasts ride bicycles- whether for commuting, exercise, or just for fun. Here in Portland, we have seen a few too many cyclists struggling to find ways to carry their growlers from breweries or bottle shops, to their final destinations. We have personally experienced the awkwardness of trying to carry a growler in a backpack, or attempt to fit a growler in a traditional pannier along with expensive computers, work clothes, or groceries. With Hop Hands, we remove these burdens to help you get your growler from point A to point B safely and easily, and with comfort and style.

Hop Hands mission is to deliver quality beer transportation products, which encourage environmentally friendly choices and help give back to the community. Hop Hands is a simple growler carrying devices that straps onto a bike, or can be carried by hand. Unlike other growler transportation products, Hop Hands is adjustable to fit multiple sizes and styles of bicycles. Our product does not require any permanent fixture to a bicycle, thus providing more flexibility to the customer.

Don’t have a bicycle? No problem! Hop Hands is a great way to carry your growler over your shoulder when your hands are full with dog leashes, blankets, and food- like ours often are!

Hop Hands is made with a heavy-duty canvas, and lined with neoprene to help insulate and protect the growler. Since Hop Hands is adjustable, it can carry 750mL wine bottles or 22oz bombers, as well as growlers. Just cinch down the side straps to adjust Hop Hands to other bottle sizes.

Own a brewery or bike shop? We can screen print your logo directly onto our product. Hop Hands makes a great gift for beer and bike fans or customers!

Not only does Hop Hands encourage environmentally sustainable transportation, but we also give back to the local community. Hop Hands plans to donate a portion of each item sold, to BridgeTown Inc, a Portland nonprofit that exists to develop and sustain relational environments that create movement within groups and individuals to demonstrate love and generosity lived out in the world. BTown Inc creates relational environments that provide Relief, Mobilization and Transformation. For more information about this nonprofit, visit their website at www.bridgetowninc.org

Courtesy of Hop Hands
 Hop Hands will be hosting a launch party at Growler Guys in SE Portland on this Wednesday from 6-10pm. Event information

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