Monday, March 30, 2015

Pike Brewing Company Releasing Spring Seasonal Pike Saison Houblon

Courtesy of Pike Brewing Co

Press Release:
Seattle, WA - March 30, 2015:
Pike Brewing Company is proud to announce the release of its
spring seasonal beer, Pike Saison Houblon. Refreshingly hop forward and floral, this farmhouse style ale is light and golden. It is brewed with a base of earthy, biscuit-like organic malt, seasoned with citrusy hops and finished with clove-like Belgian yeast.

Courtesy of Pike Brewing Co
Where does the name come from? Saison is French for ‘season’ and houblon is French for ‘hops’. Farmhouse ale was originally brewed by and for farmworkers in Northern France and in Wallonia, the French speaking region of Belgium. In Europe, these beers are low in hops. In keeping with Pike Brewing’s philosophy of emphasizing local terroir, ours is hop-forward and beautifully balanced, making it a Belgian style saison/IPA hybrid.

Pike Saison Houblon is available on draft and in 22 oz. dinner size bottles.

Beer Specs:
Pike Saison Houblon
OG      1.060
ABV    6.20 %
IBU     55

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