Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sour Beers to My Doorstep? Yes Please!

Last Wednesday (9/24) while on Twitter I saw a posting from Inside the Cellar about some new beers  they'd acquired and had available for purchase on their website. Emily and I have never bought beers online before, but since these were beers I couldn't acquire locally, I figured why not try it out and  see how the process goes. Nine days later and my shipment of 5 bottles has arrived! I'm going downstairs to drink one in just a minute...

The process of ordering the beer through the Inside the Cellar website was easy. Make an account, go though the store and pick your products, checkout and pick your shipping preference, pay, and done. I received multiple emails along the way, detailing, account registration, purchase, and shipping.  It was really nice to get the status updates, in large part so we could figure out when to be home to sign for the Fed-Ex package. The beers, as you see above, came well-packed and all the bottles were intact with no issues.

Also included in the box were receipts and shipping information, a hand written thank you note (nice touch!), and tasting notes. These people seem thorough!

So what did we order? Here it is: from The Bruery Oude Tart and Atomic Kangarue, from Prairie Artisian Ales  two bottles of Cherry Funk, and one bottle of Heirloom Pumpkin from Almanac Beer Co.

With my first online beer shipment done, I'm very happy with how the process went. I'll definitely be doing online beer shopping again, especially for those hard to find beers.

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