Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black Widow Porter Released Today At All McMenamins Locations

 Black Widow Porter from McMenamins is being released today on tap and in bottles through October 31st at all McMenamins locations. Black Widow Porter has a long history, as it was created and brewed on October 15,1991 at the Thompson Brewery and Public House location in Salem,OR and brewed each year after. Now All McMenamins breweries make Black Widow Porter and release the beer during the short window of October 15th through Halloween. So get out and find a McMenamins and grab a pint of Black Widow Porter before it crawls away.

Beer Info:
Malts Used: Bairds Pale Malt, Great Western Munich, Great Western Flaked Barley, Great Western Wheat, Bairds 135/165L Crys­tal, Bairds Roast Material, Bairds Black Malt
Hops Used:
Horizon (Bittering & Flavor)
Additional Ingredient:
Licorice Root
ABV: 7.35%    IBU: 41   SRM: 38

 Thanks McMenamins for the sample.

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  1. Black Widow is really nice this year. Had it on tap at the Kennedy School the other day and could have sworn it was poured from a nitro tap. Such a creamy head.