Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fort George/Big Als Collaboration "Cousin Yeti IPA" Release Party

So July 6th the kids were gone and I decided to go check out the Fort George/Big Als Cousin Yeti White IPA Release Party at the Vancouver location, after a couple of drinks at Roots in Camas.  So the Belgian style -White Ipa was very good as I expected, coming from Fort George Brewing. This was a beer brewed in collaboration with Fort George & Big Al's and is on tap at the Big Al's locations.  So with this beer release you got the pint of beer ($3) and got to keep the glass which was cool, but the head brewer was supposed to be there and have samples,etc...didn't see anything really related to Ft George anywhere other than the pint of beer that I got, no signs, table with swag, etc. But of course Big Al's isn't really a destination spot for beer so I'm not surprised that nothing much was really done other than the beer & free glass. But it was a tasty beer and if you're at one of the Big Al's try it out.  &

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